We offer two types of contracts – one for a single job and one for long term cooperation:


  Single job cooperation Long term cooperation
Invoicing The invoicing is made on a time-schedule for all the services. The time unit is 10 minutes.
Conditions No minimum amount; calculation according to working time and expenditures A minimum amount of two working hours is invoiced every month.
Rate 86,00 euros / hour 67,00 euros / hour
Travelling time (in Karlsruhe and within opening hours) free
Travelling time (outside Karlsruhe + trips outside opening hours) 54,00 euros / hour 47,50 euros / hour
Travelling fees 0,80 euros / kilometer
Copies for articles 0,30 euros / copy
* All prices are net prices exclusive legal VAT of 19%.


* As of 01.01.2020

Below you will find examples of individual services for approximate price ranges. The time will be automatically reduced when several similar processes will be ordered together.


Supply an article for keeping
(including title recording, providing it from a library, scanning, processing, sending)
 40 minutes
Supply a book on loan
(including title recording, providing it from a library, processing, control of the lending period, sending, returning to the library)
 50 minutes
Supply a book to buy
(including title recording, allocation of signature number, affixing it on the book, sending)
 40 minutes
Entering a media into the software LIBRARY
(including cover and abstract or annotation)
 10 minutes
Wer ist BiblioServ?

Flexible, ausgebildete Mitarbeiter:innen als Unterstützung in Ihrer Bibliothek

Wie kann BiblioServ helfen?

Literaturrecherche, Retrokatalogisierung, Systematisierung, Beratung

Wo ist BiblioServ?

In Leingarten
Dieselstraße 31