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BIBLIOSERV is a 25 years old media and library service located in Karlsruhe. It’s slogan „rent a librarian“ descibes it precisely: the idea is to „rent“ a skilled librarian or an expert in  information management in order to support you in all your projects or operations. Starting with literature research and supply of various media continuing with the optimisation of existing collections of books to the (re-)organisation complete libraries. We support our customers from the planning until the inauguration of the library and assist them in their daily work afterwards. Our customers include (libraries of) companies, institutions, scientists, individuals, associations, tax accountants, students etc.



In march 2020 the complete stock of the project „Schulprojektwerkstatt“ in Freiburg was cataloged. You can find the media in a separated online catalogue of the Freiburger Schulbibliotheksnetz.


Customers‘ systems receive a data protection update according to the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation).


From September to December 2016, Biblioserv takes up the cataloging of about 5000 media coming from a donation into the library of the Zeppelin University in Friedrichshafen. These media, of which about 500 are first records, have been registered via aDIS library software and are now consultable in the SWB.


The customer’s online catalogue (iOPAC) gets a new look. In collaboration with the information scientist Helen Schneider (M.Sc.) Biblioserv creates in September a new homepage. In August, Biblioserv integrates the complete media of the library of the Berufsakademie für Gesundheits- und Sozialwesen (BAGSS) into the LIBRARY system. All students can now research the media via the new online catalogue.


Since February, Biblioserv is in charge of indexing the media of the Staatlichen Schlösser und Gärten Baden-Württembergs in the SWB (Südwestdeutscher Bibliotheksverbund).
In April, Biblioserv celebrates its 25th anniversary and the company’s founder Mrs Gutjahr-Zipfel goes into retirement.


Sabrina Zoller takes over the librarian management. In February the company moves into new rooms.


Mrs. Gutjahr-Zipfel is supported by her young colleague Sabrina Zoller since October


A new function of lending is established for the customer’s online catalogues (iOPACs).


The media stock of PTC Singen (Nestlé Product Technology Centre) is registered in the system and the whole library is sorted and reorganised.


The homepage gets a new format in collaboration with Maresa Zipfel and DeDeNet-GmbH.
Online cataloging is reorganised in November. Customers have now the option to research in their online catalogue (iOPAC).


The millenium in an incentive to change the database. A functional specification allows the company Fleischmann to adapt the database LIBRARY to all of the special requests of the librarian.


The 10th anniversary is celebrated with customers and employees at the Durlacher Karlsburg. The first customer: Prof. Schmidt-Gayk† from Heidelberg, guest of honor.

1996/ 1997

The physical media stock of the Akademie für Zahnärztliche Fortbildung Karlsruhe gets a new sorting and is entered in the electronical database.


Biblioserv celebrates its 5th anniversary with interested colleagues in its premises.


Biblioserv moves into a larger office.


Within a short time, Biblioserv becomes an insider tip. Already after three years, companies like BLANCO, UMEG (today LUBW) and the Fraunhofer Institut ICT  use the individual service.


Official start is on April 15th of 1988. Biblioserv is the first allround service for media acquisition and media managing in germany.


In the year 1987 the librarian Angela Gutjahr-Zipfel develops the idea of a special offer for all library services. While implementing her idea she is suppoted by PROSA, a project of the Ministry of Social Affairs in Baden-Württemberg.

Wer ist BiblioServ?

Flexible, ausgebildete Mitarbeiter:innen als Unterstützung in Ihrer Bibliothek

Wie kann BiblioServ helfen?

Literaturrecherche, Retrokatalogisierung, Systematisierung, Beratung

Wo ist BiblioServ?

In Leingarten
Dieselstraße 31