We offer two types of contracts – one for a single job and one for long term cooperation:


  Single job cooperation Long term cooperation
Invoicing The invoicing is made on a time-schedule for all the services. The time unit is 10 minutes.
Conditions No minimum amount; calculation according to working time and expenditures A minimum amount of two working hours is invoiced every month.
Rate 86,00 euros / hour 67,00 euros / hour
Travelling time (outside Karlsruhe + trips outside opening hours) 54,00 euros / hour 47,50 euros / hour
Travelling time (in Karlsruhe and within opening hours) free
Travelling fees 0,80 euros / kilometer
Copies for articles 0,30 euros / copy
* All prices are net prices exclusive legal VAT of 19%.


* As of 01.01.2020

Examples of services for approximate price ranges: 

Supply an article for keeping
(including title recording, providing it from a library, scanning, processing, sending)
 40 minutes
Supply a book on loan
(including title recording, providing it from a library, processing, control of the lending period, sending, returning to the library)
 50 minutes
Supply a book to buy
(including title recording, allocation of signature number, affixing it on the book, sending)
 40 minutes
Entering a media into the software LIBRARY
(including cover and abstract or annotation)
 10 minutes